Any Car Bought For Cash

Looking to scrap your car? Don’t want a frustrating experience. Here at any car bought for cash we can offer you a quick and easy service.  Has your car got a MOT failure? Is damaged from an accident? Has engine failure? At the end of its life span? Or even you just want to sell it? We will buy it in any condition, just call up 01204 388488 and we can arrange a deal in no time.

Scrap you car with free collection

If you need to scrap a car, when it reaches the end of its life span, you can count on us for your first option. Many people usually try and sell it on for car parts, or even privately as a quick-sell. However, we believe the best way is to scrap your car with us for cash.  To make the sale even easier, we’ll come and collect the vehicle free of cost. Our drivers are friendly and professional and will make sure that you are guided through every step, and even help you to fill out the correct part of the V5, so that the DLVA are notified properly of the change of ownership.


We are an authorized treatment facility,  and have been approved by the Environment Agency to ensure that all cars are de-polluted. When we buy your car, we’ll bring it into the yard and strip it for parts. Any of the good and clean working parts will be sold to help others get back onto the road. The next step is to filter any harmful chemicals from the vehicle, such as petrol, oil, and coolant. Finally the vehicle would be crushed and the metal can be used to make other vehicles.